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  • Lindsey Wilson

Pool Portraits

I may have waited until the very end of summer to undertake a very summery shoot but let's face it, Tennessee still feels like it's in the heart of the summer heat. And I have absolutely no regrets! This shoot was a dream! And my model, Chandler Najar, is always a pleasure to work with! I've shot with her a few times before and she is consistently down for all of my shoot ideas.

As much as I would have loved to shoot in my own private pool for this session, I live in an apartment so the shared apartment pool would have to do. We had the space to ourselves for most of the shoot but a highlight of the day was when a little girl who was there swimming asked Chandler if she was going to be in a magazine. *soooo cute!*

We started out with Chandler sitting in one of the pool chairs. The sun was hot and direct from the start to finish of this shoot! Most of the first few shots I took were backlit and SO dreamy.

Let's also take a moment to appreciate Chandler's swimsuit. The green color of her velvet bottoms was amazing and the top was actually her mom's when she was younger! And special thanks to her boyfriend for letting her borrow his white button-up shirt.

Prior to shooting we had sent each other some Pinterest boards for inspiration and we knew we wanted to incorporate a newspaper into the shoot. Little did I know how difficult it would be to even find a newspaper...? I went to three different stores before I finally found one! It was worth the effort though.

While I was at the store grabbing the newspaper I came across a stand of glass bottle sodas and INSTANTLY knew I wanted to use one in the shoot. I picked up a "classic coke" bottle and added it to our arsenal.

This shoot was everything I envisioned and more! I'm sad to see the summer months end but happy to go out with such beautiful, warm, and summery photos. Enjoy a few more from the session below and I hope to share another shoot soon!

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